Terminal 24

Terminal 24 (2012)

2012 Smith College MFA Dance Concert©2012 Jon CrispinALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTerminal 24 explores the intersections of contemporary dance and vernacular hip hop dance. By identifying similarities across genres within dance history as well as the dancers’ experiences and interests.  The dance strives to find meaning and understanding in how dance can comment on the human condition, which informs an embodiment of social movement, technique, and cultural intention.

Technical Specifics
Terminal 24 consists of 4-7 dancers depending on the venue in which it is presented. Chairs are used as props. Optional projected background image.
Choreographed by Stephen Ursprung
Length: Approx. 15 minutes

Terminal 24 was created with the generous support of the Gretchen Moran Fellowship at Smith College.

Past Performances

Worcester, MA

Northampton, MA