Crystal Nilsson

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© Joshua Sugiyama Photography 2012

CRYSTAL NILSSON is a choreographer, performing artist, and dance educator.  She is a Certified Movement Analyst (CLMA), Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), board member of MaDEO, (Massachusetts Dance Education Organization) and she holds an MFA in Dance and Choreography from Smith College and a BS in Dance Performance from Ball State University. She is currently the acting Director of the dance program at Deerfield Academy. Crystal has previously taught as an Adjunct Professor at Springfield College, and a Teaching Fellow/Adjunct Professor at Smith College. Crystal has received honors such as the Merit for Choreography award at ACDFA, a Teaching Fellowship at Smith College, and has had the privilege to dance with Monica Bill Barnes, Alan Sener, and Bill Evans. Her mentors are Peggy Hackney, Ed Groff, Janice Meaden, Debra Knapp, Wendy Woodson and Erin Law. She has studied with Angie Hauser, Candice Salyers, Jana Hicks, Fritha Pengally, Courtney Ffrench, Jen Polins, Jim Coleman, Rodger Blum and Bill Evans. She has danced professionally with Vissi Dance Theatre, Lois Heit and Dancers, and as a solo dance artist in New York City.  She has recently collaborated with Jen Polins, Leslie Frey Maeitta, and Krista DiNio and performed at ADF (American Dance Festival). She is currently dancing with and co-directing NilsSprung Dance Project in collaboration with Stephen Ursprung; collaborating with Rose Pasquarello Beauchamps in part with inFluxdance and with Reject Dance Theatre. Crystal’s choreography has been produced at Ball State University, Smith College, Hamilton College, SpringWIDEopen Festival, Rebound Dance Festival, New England Dance Project, Green Space, and in New York City, San Francisco, and the New England area.